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You can’t go home again

. . . but photographs are fun to look through. We got our first digital camera in 2003 and started taking photographs. I am the oldest of the seven children, six still living, who made it to adulthood.

My father and two of his daughters, home at Christmastime
Father & Granddaughters

One brother (third from the youngest) still lives in the home town. The above picture is of our father with the brother’s two daughters on Christmas Day 2005. Below, a few snapshots of the living room some years later, sans tree.

a photo of of parents' living room
Living Room
living room with fire place, book shelves, chair (and husband), and wall art
Living Room, Fireplace and Reference Book Shelves and My Husband

Since the last of the children left home, the encyclopedia sets (Compton’s and Britannica) were moved to shelves downstairs The Great Books of the Western World remain on the built-in bookshelves beside the fireplace.

At holidays, three tables stretched from kitchen to the Christmas tree, when families were smaller, and for the opening of the presents, Christmas Day, there was barely enough floor space to accommodate everyone. These days, even if the parents were still up to hosting Christmas, just my next youngest sibling, his wife, his children and their grandchildren would fill all of the available space. To get all of us together (and we’re scattered from coast to coast) would require a small park.

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