The hard part is over

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

My co-editor, Shannon, is wonderful! And the initial version of the┬áScience Fiction Poetry Association’s 2015 Online Halloween Poetry Reading is up on the site with seven poet’s poems (MP3s) to listen to. I do so enjoy listening to the tapes as they come in. Also, the pictures! I do the initial screening and communications, and Shannon is handling much of the rest, including promotion. There is always an initial rush, but my poem, and Shannon’s, when she gets hers recorded, put us at nine poets/poems, which about halfway there, judging by the numbers of contributors in years past. Our deadline for SFPA members to get their files to me is the 26th.

I wrote and recorded my poem, “Halloween Awakening”, on Sunday. Al also listened to it, and we both decided that it’s a pretty good poem for this venue. I am assuming, you see, that it’s going to be approved by Shannon, also.

A couple of years, I only contributed photo art, but otherwise, it’s been photo art and a poem or two since October 2006. I enjoyed the year when I was only a contributor, and not an editor/curator. I think that was the best year for me in terms of enjoyment.

However, volunteers are hard to come by, and I’m getting to the tail end of my being able to volunteer, and so I’m glad to put in one more year helping with the project.