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Early in the morning

I woke up about an hour ago, and I’m hesitant to make coffee, because I do not want to wake the Scampers, inadvertently trigger the whole “Morning Routine”.  We are expecting our latest Winter Storm by eleven o’clock this morning, at which time we are to stay home and stay safe.

Wednesday began with forgetting to apply morning Scamper medications and hastily assembling ourselves for a foray to top off the grocery necessaries.

the scampers (cocker spaniels) are asleep together on the loveseat after getting after(my)lunch treats
We’re asleep…don’t wake us!

Returning home and ascertaining that water was no longer seeping into our basement, we put the plug back into the drain. It had been too many days since I’d been able to wash dishes or do laundry, making do with paper plates and bowls and plastic knives, forks, and spoons. How is it that we never buy paper cups? I got through four or five loads of laundry, finishing up just before bedtime, and I washed dishes in stages with plenty of soaking time.  I cooked the meat, so if the power goes, we can eat it cold. I put the chicken breast, in its pot, on a shelf in the garage to cool. The pork loin is marvelous! We bought salad greens, mandarin oranges, milk, eggs, very dark chocolate, half-and-half, and for Al, microwave popcorn, lasagna microwave dinners, potato chips…and I believe he made a separate trip out for Eggo toaster waffles and ice cream.

I REALLY need a cup of coffee NOW

I forgot to buy more filberts.

Storm warnings are funny things. We stalk up with food as though the duration of the weather event will be weeks, not hours or days, in length. I also bought a lot of tinned fish: kippers and sardines in variations. In case the electric goes out and the power workers don’t get to us for a week or so? The upside is that all of the clothes, towels, and bedding are clean. I have hopes that the emerging tulips and daffodils will be protected from cold winds and rain by a nice layer of snow all around. More seepage into the basement as another foot of snow melts?

I can’t take this anymore. I must acquire coffee now! Fresh concentrate in the fridge is yelling my name loudly enough that I can hear nothing else.

What are the chances, do you think, that
the winds will not develop and
the blizzard will fizzle,
this time

Hoping that wherever you are, the winds are quiet, the sky is partly cloudy, and the temperature accommodates your needs.

With hope,

My poem, copyright 2019-04-10
Poem written for NaPoWriMo2019, Day 10.


Coffee Break


winter afternoons
in the glassed gazebo, warm
from the distant sun.

A nice thought. We have had warmer temperatures, but the sun has been hidden behind the clouds. I have been working to not have my days disappearing unnoticed, but I am not managing that well. The time spent previously this week was enjoyable, and I am hopeful about next week’s weather, after the first day or two.

yet again the day
proceeded into evening,
afternoon bypassed

Yesterday, I wrote to my mother to cancel out on a drive to their home. I am not well and think it best to consider myself still contagious. (Al, also.) My parents do not need to add a broader selection of bacteria and viruses than they currently maintain. Think on ‘t, I don’t need that for myself, either, although I have not been so careful as I might have.

The weather through the weekend appears dangerous for driving, with snow and then temperatures at the freezing mark with chances of sleet, snow and blowing snow. Our current plan is to (a) get well within the next four days and (b) head for their place on Tuesday. Wednesday would be too late, because Mother has her appointment at the salon for a shampoo and hair color, and the chemicals do not agree with me. We could, if we had to, try for Wednesday morning.

so near, yet far, now
miles and years…miles seem longer
childhood’s lost in mist

Today, I tried a different approach to the day. I rode with Al when he took Samantha to the groomer’s shop, and then we stopped by Denny’s for breakfast. I ordered the new Supreme Green Skillet. Lots of avocados and really good. Al had a Philly Cheese Steak Omelette. We stopped by the grocer’s to pick up milk, juice, soup and fresh fruit and then came home.

I slept until Al came home with Samantha, woke up to feed her, and then woke up just before Al was ready to leave, again. He stayed long enough for me to take a shower.

And so I now am here alone, waiting for Elementary at nine o’clock, while Al’s off having coffee at “his” coffee shop. Ah! The nesting process is not limited by gender, but defined by comfort zones. If we ever get the basement straightened up, again, he will have a place to nest in the house. There are three hobby rooms downstairs, and only one of them is mine, and it doubles as a storage space….But I have my gazebo, which my husband planned and built.

I am going to have cottage cheese and watermelon for supper, I think. Maybe just a double helping of watermelon. Hmm!