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After-dinner coffee

We finally got out of the house, the two of us, and celebrated my birthday with dinner at Olive Garden, only six days late. Still napping a lot, both of us, but basically feeling better today than yesterday. I am not going to play catch-up on my goal of 30 poems for November.

Also, I have not finished reading the current book for my college’s online book club group, did not read the second or third book at all, and cannot face the next that the group has voted in. Actually, I cannot imagine reading any of proposed books for the January-February discussion. I do hope eventually to finish reading Just Mercy, once I emerge from destressing mode.

Enjoying some Toddy coffee, now, and a square of v. dark chocolate. Hoping to get to sleep, tonight, before midnight in spite of all the naps.






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After a long day

watching water boil

The days since last Wednesday have been rather messy, here. I ended up feeling distinctly unwell, and I never did get caught up with my NaNoWriMo goal to write 30 poems during November. I did manage to eat a couple of meals, yesterday and today, but my blood sugar level has been all over the place, and I have been napping more than I’ve been awake.

In the midst of it, the other of us (Al) started having severe, moving pains in his back. Neither analgesics nor electric heating pad helped. Finally, he dragged himself over to the walk-in clinic where he doctors. Another kidney stone, but no infections. They rehydrated him, ran tests, and he’s back home. Drinking filtered water. The Scampers were wired, the whole time he was gone, which five or six hours. Ran to the door when they heard cars coming up the street, and finally fell asleep in the doorway between front room and kitchen, heads facing the door to the garage. It’s been years since the last episode of multiple stones passing, so I am hopeful.

The Scampers are exhausted from all the worry and are now sound asleep on floor and loveseat. I have been reading Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey, beginning with Arrows of the Queen and proceeding to read the books on the foundation of the Collegium and the Herald Spy books. The books about Mags and Amily and family will follow. Over the years, memory faded, and I am enjoying the chance to discover/rediscover nuances I had not recalled from previous readings. I am beginning to think that I might enjoy rereading my entire library—the books that I really liked—to discover what else I skipped over or overlooked.

Everyone is tucked in, now, and Thaddeus is curled up at my feet.



Tea Time

The exercise bike and the last cup of tea

I’m finally settling in, here, but the alarm is set for 6:30 a.m., which is when the Crock-Pot is to turn itself off. Al still is trying to fight off that cold and waking up coughing during the night. I’m surprised that he can still talk. He has continued to be there for his volunteer work shifts. I’d just as soon he’d stay home, but … I guess not.

We finally got to the butcher shop on Tuesday. This week it’s baked chicken breast (cooked at 400 °F, powdered garlic on one side, and smoked paprika on the other) for soups and salads, and pulled beef slow-cooked in roasted red pepper & tomato soup along with a sliced yellow onion.

Once more, I almost finished washing the dishes before setting out to make a mess, again. One accomplishment today, once I’d finished being ill, was putting in three miles on the exercise bicycle. Looking back in my notes, I can’t find any mention of getting on the thing since last April. I think it has been a long stretch, this time. Must dig out my exercise DVD to find something for lateral (?) leg muscles.

I feel much more relaxed, tonight, than earlier in the day. My mother, who has been worrying herself half to death because Al and I have not been able to make the short drive home to take care of her chores, wrote to tell us how she had decided to approach each one of the items on her list, solving the problems on her own. For which I am most grateful. If nothing else, it will help her to feel more competent/confident, again.

We just need that sometimes.

Oolong tea tastes really good.

Good night!

Coffee Break


winter afternoons
in the glassed gazebo, warm
from the distant sun.

A nice thought. We have had warmer temperatures, but the sun has been hidden behind the clouds. I have been working to not have my days disappearing unnoticed, but I am not managing that well. The time spent previously this week was enjoyable, and I am hopeful about next week’s weather, after the first day or two.

yet again the day
proceeded into evening,
afternoon bypassed

Yesterday, I wrote to my mother to cancel out on a drive to their home. I am not well and think it best to consider myself still contagious. (Al, also.) My parents do not need to add a broader selection of bacteria and viruses than they currently maintain. Think on ‘t, I don’t need that for myself, either, although I have not been so careful as I might have.

The weather through the weekend appears dangerous for driving, with snow and then temperatures at the freezing mark with chances of sleet, snow and blowing snow. Our current plan is to (a) get well within the next four days and (b) head for their place on Tuesday. Wednesday would be too late, because Mother has her appointment at the salon for a shampoo and hair color, and the chemicals do not agree with me. We could, if we had to, try for Wednesday morning.

so near, yet far, now
miles and years…miles seem longer
childhood’s lost in mist

Today, I tried a different approach to the day. I rode with Al when he took Samantha to the groomer’s shop, and then we stopped by Denny’s for breakfast. I ordered the new Supreme Green Skillet. Lots of avocados and really good. Al had a Philly Cheese Steak Omelette. We stopped by the grocer’s to pick up milk, juice, soup and fresh fruit and then came home.

I slept until Al came home with Samantha, woke up to feed her, and then woke up just before Al was ready to leave, again. He stayed long enough for me to take a shower.

And so I now am here alone, waiting for Elementary at nine o’clock, while Al’s off having coffee at “his” coffee shop. Ah! The nesting process is not limited by gender, but defined by comfort zones. If we ever get the basement straightened up, again, he will have a place to nest in the house. There are three hobby rooms downstairs, and only one of them is mine, and it doubles as a storage space….But I have my gazebo, which my husband planned and built.

I am going to have cottage cheese and watermelon for supper, I think. Maybe just a double helping of watermelon. Hmm!