Sunday Afternoon’s #WeekendCoffeeShare

If We Were Having Coffee this morning, I would be late! I enjoyed a nice sleep-in until 0830, Al’s having gotten up sometime earlier, I think, to let the Scampers outside (usually sometime between six o’clock and seven-thirty). I now am writing my WeekendCoffeeShare post instead of eating my already late lunch. That being said, I do currently have hot water for tea or coffee, bottled water, milk, and a couple cold, left-over cans of Barq root beer. There’s also cheese. (Al ate all the rest of the doughnut holes last night. Not on my diet!)

The week’s been busier than I’d thought it would be. The joists are now up on Al’s workshop; a cousin and his crew, unable to get over here last Monday, did make it on Tuesday to put the boards on the roof. Al’s decided to do the rest of the roof himself. Hopefully the tar paper will go on easier when there’s no driving sun or wind gusts. This next try will most likely be on Tuesday, allowing for Monday afternoon/evening rain.

my husband's workshop project, himself on the roof, ladder leaning against the unfinished building

I would tell you that I got to do some lifting and carrying and holding boards in place while he nailed them down. I enjoy being able to help, even a little, with his project Getting quite excited about this, as he will have many, many happy months spent finishing the building inside and out.

I’d share with you that I have had fun taking flower photos during the breaks. I have, however, been more tired than I’m happy with and am taking more frequent naps during the day. I have ordered an extra reading copy of Coming Up for Light and Air: Poems by Barbara Crow, so that I will be able to find it when I need it. I do not, of course, know details—no personal information. The poet and her husband lost a child, and among her poems I feel avoidance, recognition and resolution, and an acceptance of grief as life goes on. I am finding that reading through these poems helps me to process my own grief over the loss of my sister and my parents. And, this morning, strangely enough, the loss of two siblings in their first days of life, whom I never got to meet in this lifetime.

Of contemporary poets, there are two whose volumes I keep close at hand with one or two extra copies: Barbara’s Coming Up for Light and Air and Samih al-Qasim’s Sadder than Water. At times, they are too real, but that is good. I do not wish to step out of reality, but to embrace it in all of its aspects. This is difficult, because I am cut too deeply by it and bleed too much.

Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind
Cannot bear very much reality.
Time past and time future
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present

I’ve a long-standing love–hate relationship with those lines from “Burnt Norton”.

Tomorrow, I have my next meeting with the grief counselor. I’m coming up on six months since my mother died and two and a half months since Father died. The poems that I wrote concerning them, the last day of April, the poetry-writing month, do so characterize the differences in our individual relationships.

I have signed up for the message boards at the American Diabetes Association web site and also a two-year (12-month) subscription to their magazine, which comes with a digital edition. I still have to make an introductory post, this weekend.

This week’s indulgence: On Monday, I ordered (and yesterday received by USPS) a set of “blessings” tokens based on Sharon Shinn’s Elemental Blessings series. They often lend an unexpected angle of perception on events and…add a filter, perhaps, to provide a range of helpful perspectives. Another writing prompt, if you will! I write my life! I had been using paper tiles, but finding them useful generally, I decided to go with a more durable set. They will not wear out or lose their print so fast as paper.

Thank you for visiting, once again! I’ve enjoyed your company. Looking forward to reading your #WeekendCoffeeShare post and meeting with you soon.

Best wishes,

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April 23 #WeekendCoffeeShare: A Wet, Rainy Weekend

Thank you for stopping by, this afternoon for coffee, tea or water. Today’s gather includes cheese (cheddar, swiss, havarti and marble jack, I think). I’ve eaten all of the almonds, but there are still a few apples to go with the cheese.

building in progress
Saturday’s Work

If we were having coffee together, today, I would take you to the back door and show you the progress that my husband and I have made on his workshop. I’ve done some lifting and carrying, and last night I helped cover the few boards that we could not carry back into the garage with a large sheet of plastic. Weighted it down with scrap lumber, so that it wouldn’t blow away in the strong winds.

I would also, if you don’t mind getting a bit wet, show you the tulips at the side of the house. They’re pretty, even closed up against the wind and rain. There has been enough rain and warm that grass is growing happily in the back yard in great profusion. This means that the rabbits are switching to new grass for their meals from the tulip leaves that they’ve preferred, mainly because that’s what’s been here and beckoning. It does appear that the temperatures will not be low enough to kill off my germinating wildflowers in the back garden, even if we do get some snow, this week.  We are going to look at the garden shop to see if there is fencing (still easily lowered for weeding) that the dogs cannot get through or over. So far, they’ve mostly been tromping down the sown seeds, but now they’re putting the sprouts in danger.

Closed Against the Cold

If we were having coffee together, I would be tempted to worry about my feeling tired and a bit down, this past week. I have been having some trouble concentrating. Especially, I am forgetting to eat, or, remembering to eat, I forget to take my diabetes medication. As a result, I’m trying to work out a method, having forgotten my morning meds until noon, too many days in a row, for remembering what I am to do, first thing in the morning. I have been going to bed and immediately to sleep, this week, much earlier than I am used to. But I am tired. When I wake up, still before my husband, I get involved in taking the dogs out, because it’s later than it should be, and they are desperate. Once the dogs are outed, fed, watered and taken out, again, I sit down to read the news, or even make my breakfast, but I am both too distracted and not enough awake to register the fact that I am indeed not following a proper routine. When lunchtime rolls around, I do notice my pill caddy sitting on the table beside me, and sure enough, the morning pills are still in there. On other occasions, I have forgotten what day it is and checked the wrong bin on the caddy.

I am thinking, perhaps, a series of appointments in my phone calendar with alarms to ring when I am to stop what I’m doing and check to see what I am supposed to be doing. Ah, my!

The poetry writing has gone well, this past week. I’ve got one day’s poems to get up on the relevant blog, and I’m only behind one day in the writing. I am so fortunate that at least my husband enjoys and appreciates what I write and tells me so. We even talk about some of the poems. I am grateful that we share interests enough to understand and respond to one another’s activities and interests.

Thank you for the time that we’ve spent together. I look forward to our next weekend coffee share. Take care, and have a good week!


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The building project et al.

All the framework for the walls is up. Measuring and fine-tuning, now, before adding the top wall plates.  Al has a tentative timetable in mind for getting more folks over here to help with the ceiling joists when they’re delivered. Aside from his sister and her husband’s coming over that one afternoon, I’m delegated to lift, carry tools and materials, brace supports, and hold the tape measure. Such fun!

In other news, the second meeting with the grief counselor from Hospice shook out some stuff that I am needing to address. Thinking about focusing my writing in that direction; I seem to have put aside the poem-a-day project. However, as I contemplate what needs contemplation, pieces that I have written come to mind. I expect that I will follow through with, (as I mentioned on the relevant blog before I started the National Poetry Writing Month group activities), reposting poems that I wrote previously, rather than pushing myself to write new ones, as seems necessary and appropriate.  I think I’m only behind three days (counting today) in posting a new one each day.

Also, I got a nice surprise this morning, when I checked my fasting blood sugar level. It was 112, which is the lowest it’s been since I started taking the medication for type-2 diabetes, the middle of December. The readings evening out, and the average drifting lower. Didn’t weigh in, this morning. Concentrating again on “what”, rather than “how much”.

I did pick up a “nourish bowl” at the local grocery, last time we went out to resupply. I like the idea, enjoyed the food, and am thinking about making some lists and doing up some of those for myself with my choices of veggies, roughage and the rest. Another activity to get me on my feet and doing.



Checking in

I apologize for the long silences, here. Still trying to get my bearings. My father’s funeral was on Friday morning, and the graveside military service took place in the afternoon. As the eldest, I received the burial flag.

One of the family gathered the cartridges from the three-volley salute, and we hope to polish them and pass them along as keepsakes to immediate and extended family.Actually, Al and I now have the flag and gun cartridges from Mother’s graveside service, also, the family feeling it was fitting that their flags should be kept together.

parents in 1942, about the time of their marriage
Father and Mother

I am glad that once again so many family members returned for the funeral. We got chances to visit, although I had to take Saturday off to sleep. Friday evening, a bunch of us gathered at a restaurant for dinner and extended sharing. On Sunday afternoon, my brother from California came over to the house, and we visited until Al got back from his volunteer shift to give him a ride back to his hotel. And after his volunteer shift on Monday, Al also gave him a ride out to the airport.

I am not dealing comfortably, this time. One of my friends, a Friend in Colorado, telephoned me this afternoon, just as I awoke from (another) nap, and we had a good visit about parents, family dynamics and other sometimes unrelated topics. That felt really good.

In the midst of this, I am attempting to get back into the routine of exercising at least once a day. I also need to start preparing daily meal plans and following a proper diabetic diet, again.

It was good that John telephoned, because I feel rather as though I do not care to write anything. Or listen. Or talk.


WeekendCoffeeShare – I am remiss…

If We were meeting, today, for a visit over coffee, I would mention that I am a bit surprised that I have not posted since last weekend. Nor have I kept up with household chores. We had a lot of activities to tend to, most of which I have forgotten.

I’d like to tell you about the week. My 70th birthday was this week. I felt ill on the day we had planned to go out, and so had to reschedule. We went to the Olive Garden on Thursday. They’re prepared to substitute gluten-free rotini for wheat pasta on any of their dishes (except, I would think, lasagna, etc.). Delicious! Steak medallions and pasta with herbs, spinach, tomatoes, and a nice, light sauce. I brought half of it home and enjoyed it again with lunch, the next day.

The week involved much traveling and running around to take care of chores. I was tasked with selecting photographs for the video the funeral home created for my mother’s obituary page on their website, so we dropped those off at the funeral home before Al’s dental appointment. (It’s now been posted and made available online.)

We also saw my father twice, this week. He had another box of photographs, and so we sat down to select some more photos of Mom, which we dropped off at the funeral home also, on our way out of town.

My brother who lives in the home town is at the house, now, and when we stopped by, he was busy selecting photographs for a video to be played during my father’s birthday party. I am hoping that I will be well enough to at least stop in for the activities surrounding the celebrations of Mother’s life and Dad’s 100th birthday. One thing I am concerned about, I must tell you, is that I’m concerned I won’t get all the dishes, etc., washed and the kitchen cleaned up before the various family members flying/driving into town start descending on us here, on their way to wherever they are staying for the long weekend.

I would share also with you my unnerving realization (yes, it’s finally hit home) that after my dad dies, I will be the oldest person in our family (i.e., siblings). There were banking chores that I was to see to in the wake of Mother’s death, once the necessary paperwork had arrived. I still have to meet with the pastor.  The military honor guard for the graveside service (brief, due to winter weather) for family only has been arranged for.

If we were having coffee together, I would have to excuse myself to take a nap, since I (finally) had a night of not being able to get to sleep.

I hope that you have a wonderful week!


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