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Friday evening

Al was recruited to help out, again, as a Range Safety Officer for the twice-a-month Ladies Night at the shooting range, and so I am spending the evening alone. They run two 1.5 hour sessions with a limit of maybe 25 women per session. The first Ladies Night of the month is for women who have little to no experience with firearms. There is an introductory lecture followed by learning how to fire a pistol. I think they have an RSO for every lane, most of the time, so it’s practically one-on-one guided training and experience. They have a lot of fun.  Continue reading “Friday evening”

Coffee Break · Nattering

But it’s still early

Even though I got up 12 and a half hours ago, I feel like I should go to bed and get some sleep. I think that a bowl of tomato soup would encourage that. Or a cup of Oolong tea? Or both?

I wrote my poems for both Poetry 101 Rehab and RonovanWrites poetry challenges. Two short haiku (i.e., in this case, 5-7-5: prose in haiku form). I used to write protest poetry, way back when. Well, I guess I still do, but more environmentally based than life lost through shoot ’em up wars.

Sometimes…sometimes one simply has to walk away until one is more likely to maintain a positive or neutral approach, rather than generating a negative effect.


BP = 109/73; SpO2 = 96%; P = 76 bpm