After Sunshine, Rain | #WeekendCoffeeShare | 14 October 2017

FM Community Band

all is still
but the raindrops falling
on the street

An afternoon for nostalgia! The rain has been coming down, off and on, for hours, and according to the forecast, that won’t end until early morning. I’ve got water hot and ready for tea (black and Oolong only, this week), coffee concentrate, and cold water from the refrigerator.

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, I would invite you to look through the old photographs that my sister on the East Coast sent to me; they were in the materials she took back with her from the family home after Father’s funeral—a selection of pictures that she thought I might enjoy having, after she’d scanned all of them into her computer.

We put off grocery shopping until late afternoon, so Al could get the electrical work done in the workshop he’s building in the back yard. Yes, ongoing! He hopes to have the electrical inspection done within the next week or two. Now that groceries have been secured, he has another list for the shop. I spent yesterday evening catching up with laundry, and tonight I will be cooking meat for the week to come.  I have a lot of salad greens, nuts, broccoli, and a summer squash. I still am trying to cut more carbohydrates out of my diet to lower my blood sugar and keep it low as I cut down on the medication. I have been working to fine-tune the timing: when I can eat carbs and have the least reaction to the blood sugar levels. Times of the day and what foods to eat first and by how much lead time.

If we were having coffee together, today, we could take our cups to the gazebo, where I now can heat it without the space heater’s blowing a fuse! I put the foam blocks in the eaves, which are left open during the summer for increased air circulation. That is, letting the hot air out the eaves while cooler air comes in from beneath the floor. Which reminds me…I have to go out there and turn on the heater, so that when I exercise in the gazebo, it already will be warm.

Back, again…the weekend has taken another turn, and so I must end this post. Did not get enough sleep, last night, and now I can’t stay awake.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!



P.S. In the leading picture, I am the second person (in the trumpets row), and my youngest sister is in the row in front of me, second person from the left; she played clarinet.


#WeekendCoffeeShare on 2 July 2017: A long week

If we were getting together for coffee, this evening, we could sit in the back yard and visit for a while. Until it gets dark and the illegal fireworks and noise makers start up, again. Some years it is difficult to breathe because of the combustion byproducts. I have come in with the Scampers, where quiet will prevail for a while longer.

If you’d like coffee (drip or cold brew), I could offer you a muffin to go with it, tonight. A neighbor brought over a box of muffins and cookies, late this morning, and my husband had me put some away in the freezer. The wonders of the microwave! Instantly thawed muffins and fresh-frozen fruit!

There have been people in my week. On Monday I met with the grief counselor, and I enjoyed talking with her. I am more determined, now, to try establishing some social contacts that involve in-person interaction. It does feel different, although mostly I think it’s not having a lot of time to ponder how to respond and what I might want to say in the course of a give-and-take conversation. (No, I don’t Skype or do instant messaging, either.)

And toward the end of the week, an Internet friend dropped by in the midst of a few days of visiting at the home of relatives here in town. She’s from California, but travels a lot, and couldn’t pass up the chance to add North Dakota to her list of states she’s been in. And, our having known each other for years through the SF Poetry Assn., it followed. I even got to fix a light lunch for the two of us, since Al had volunteered for an extra shift at the marksmanship center over the noon hour. It is remarkable, how I felt that I had known her practically forever, and was comfortable visiting. (I had previously bought her recent poetry book [then lost it, and ordered another, then found the first, again] and was happy to have her sign it for me. Just the one copy.) 

I’ve gotten both of the manuscripts for the two prequel “Lady Astronaut” books (by M.R. Kowal—won the bid in the Con-or-Bust online fund-raiser auction), read one, and am starting on the second. Lovely! I look forward to reading the final version, next year. I very much enjoyed the

This weekend’s splurge was beef liver. Yes. Really! Bought enough for three meals, cooked it up with onions, and ate Meal the First for today at lunch.

I must mention (and would take you on a very brief tour of) the woodworking shop that we are building in the back yard. Al has painted a “test” board of the siding we’ve chosen for the shop with the color that we’ve chosen. The primer is oil based, which I can’t be around at all, but it’s got a short drying time, and the outer layer will be a different (safe to breathe) sort of paint. Two thirds of the building will be Al’s woodworking space, and the other third will be a multi-purpose hobby room.

Just Looking Around

It’s time for our local amateur radio Sunday Night Net, and Al’s net control, this evening. I should sign off, now, so I don’t miss all of it. I’m glad that you stopped in for a visit.

Best wishes for the coming week!

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If we were having coffee together | Sunday, 31 January

the half moon seen through the willow tree's branches
Moon in Branches

If we were having coffee together, this morning, I would have to heat water, right now, for either Toddy coffee or tea. Somehow, Saturday got lost in the haze, and I left many things undone, again. Tea and toast for me, I think. Perhaps some strawberry preserves from a local producer and sold at the butcher’s shop, which has lots of nice extras. On Wednesday we stopped in to buy a beef roast for the Crock Pot, and so Al and I have been eating lots of pulled beef sandwiches since then.

The antibiotics have done nicely in helping to heal the abscess on my leg. There was only a slight touch of elevated temperature throughout, but I did not get out a lot. Last night, around 11 o’clock, I did ask Al to take me to the local Denny’s, just to get out of the house. He ordered coffee, and I, black tea and a banana split. It was very good for my spirits. I felt less disoriented afterwards.

If we were sharing coffee today, I would tell you about a fun couple of hours on Friday evening, writing poetry. Melissa (@thearanartisan) and I both take part in RonovanWrites’ weekly haiku challenge, and on Friday evening, after she had posted her response to the challenge, I came back with an answering haiku to her own, which posed a question. We wrote haiku back and forth on her FB page sporadically, throughout the evening. She was still up, baking cakes, in the middle of the night (extra eggs laid by the poultry). We quit at about 3 o’clock, her time. I think. It was fun! (That would be the Trees & Rainbows” post at the bottom right at Quilted Poetry.)

If all goes well, sometime toward the end of the week, we will stop in at my folks’ place, at which time I will attempt to get her computer printer working. And/or install the new one that she ordered, but which installed in French. I think. Some finger poking without reading the directions on the screen must have taken place. We are also ordered to bring 12 dozen eggs and 4 cartons of Old Home yogurt. My father has declined to drive out of town for grocery shopping, this winter, and the local supermarket does not carry non-store brands, which sinks following a gluten-free diet. I can offer you homemade yogurt to go with your coffee. I made two batches, this week! Also, g-free chocolate chip bars. I picked up two packs, 4 each, at the grocery. The local g-f baker’s products are sold there on special displays and also in the natural foods/gluten-free section.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to drop in at your site, later in the day.

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!


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