The building project et al.

All the framework for the walls is up. Measuring and fine-tuning, now, before adding the top wall plates.  Al has a tentative timetable in mind for getting more folks over here to help with the ceiling joists when they’re delivered. Aside from his sister and her husband’s coming over that one afternoon, I’m delegated to lift, carry tools and materials, brace supports, and hold the tape measure. Such fun!

In other news, the second meeting with the grief counselor from Hospice shook out some stuff that I am needing to address. Thinking about focusing my writing in that direction; I seem to have put aside the poem-a-day project. However, as I contemplate what needs contemplation, pieces that I have written come to mind. I expect that I will follow through with, (as I mentioned on the relevant blog before I started the National Poetry Writing Month group activities), reposting poems that I wrote previously, rather than pushing myself to write new ones, as seems necessary and appropriate.  I think I’m only behind three days (counting today) in posting a new one each day.

Also, I got a nice surprise this morning, when I checked my fasting blood sugar level. It was 112, which is the lowest it’s been since I started taking the medication for type-2 diabetes, the middle of December. The readings evening out, and the average drifting lower. Didn’t weigh in, this morning. Concentrating again on “what”, rather than “how much”.

I did pick up a “nourish bowl” at the local grocery, last time we went out to resupply. I like the idea, enjoyed the food, and am thinking about making some lists and doing up some of those for myself with my choices of veggies, roughage and the rest. Another activity to get me on my feet and doing.




WeekendCoffeeShare: Saturday Evening Edition

If we were getting together for coffee, this evening…I would have to brew some more, unless you’d like cold-brew from my homemade coffee concentrate. Al ate all the pastries, and I don’t make them because I fear I would eat them. And I shouldn’t. We will have to sit indoors, this evening, because dark is coming on, the wind’s coming up and the temperature is going down.

I must share with you the fact that my weight loss is sitting on a plateau for a bit. I have lost 20+ pounds since the middle of December, when I went on the diet to lower my blood sugar (type 2 diabetes) and drop some more weight. Slim pickings around here as I’m beginning to get my appetite back after the deaths of my mother (November) and father (February). I have once again begun my exercising, since having the last of my dental work done on Tuesday.

Currently I am rereading a(nother) favorite series of books. This one is Wen Spencer’s urban fantasy series Ukiah Oregon. Most wonderful! One of those where I bought a couple copies of the paperbacks, and ebooks for reading.

I also am doing the “write a poem a day” thing with a group of poets, new to me but for one writer I’ve known via the Internet for perhaps 20 years. (National Poetry Writing Month…April!) I am stuck on the list of prompts for Day 8. (Started using my The Written Word domain, again, mostly because I missed the email addresses.)

Also, we’ve three of the walls raised (see above photos) for the woodworking building that my husband planned for the back yard. I have hopes that once it’s up, my gazebo will be more thoroughly sheltered from the winter winds. Change the snowdrift patterns a bit. The spaces under the gazebo (it’s up on concrete blocks) have become a winter haven for neighborhood rabbits, which Thadd and Charlie enjoy chasing. They get a lot of exercise, and the rabbits never get caught. Not yet.

I must run off, now, to tend to the dogs, and then write my Day 8 poem. Thank you for dropping by. I’ve enjoyed the chance to visit.

Our host Emily’s blog entry for this weekend’s coffee share can be found here at NerdInTheBrain’s blog. There’s also a Link button, where you’ll find links to other WeekendCoffeeShare participants.

Have a lovely week!