in large cup: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and left-over sushi

Labor Day Weekend | #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee together, this morning, I would welcome you with machine-brewed Folgers Classic Roast, the same stuff I use for the Toddy coffee. Also, there is more sushi, left over from last night, and lots of mixed berries (for which I bought half-and-half on sale, inspired by fantasies of blueberries in cream). Don’t wake the Scampers, please. They’d do just about anything to get their teeth into the banana slices. 

buff-and-cream and sable cocker spaniels, sleeping on and in front of the love seat in the front sitting room

We can enjoy our coffee and treats in the back yard. The mild breeze and a temperature in the low 70s outside make this a good day to visit in the gazebo. I still am adjusting to the loss of the incredibly tall, but dying, cottonwood tree that until a couple of weeks ago, towered over our gazebo. The neighbors found a company to remove it for a reasonable price. The wood filled their entire back yard, and we thought they never would get it all hauled away.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this week, a lot of time and energy centered on my husband’s cataract surgery. He will have a last check-up on Tuesday morning of the right eye. It seems to be doing well so far. If that is a fact, then on Wednesday, the left eye will be operated on. This will be the first time since his school days when has not had to wear eyeglasses. He is seeing things in the distance, and there is a radical change in the colors. Much more vivid!

If we were having coffee together, this morning, I would share with you about the larger tablet that I ordered to make reading easier for me, but without the bulk of a notebook computer. The tablet comes with a cover that is also a keyboard. On days when I am having breathing problems, I sometimes also have trouble seeing the smaller type and using the on-screen keyboards. When the box arrived from the manufacturer this last Tuesday, the top of the package was not damaged, but the bottom of the shipping package and one of the corners were mashed. I will need a replacement, because the screen was shattered. Happily, the power bank that I ordered at the same time is undamaged, and so I will be able to recharge my cell phone when I am away from home.

Before you leave, I would mention an unnerving dream from two or three nights ago. It involved becoming (in one’s mind) a young animal and eating, sleeping and playing with the other baby animals (who were digital constructs also, but lacking a human awareness within them). I felt safe, comfortable and free as a baby chick, and so ignored and then avoided call-back requests that would trigger moving my consciousness back to my body. At long last, I decided that I wanted to go back for just a short while to walk about the city and see if it all still felt familiar. When I managed to find my way out, it was into an old, invalided body that could no longer walk or move easily, hooked up to an almost dry IV. The lights…the power was out in the building. When I looked out of the window, the city’s streets were empty of everyone and of any trace of human presence. And I could find no way to return to the digital reality in which I had been lost for so long. I have often had vivid dreams, but this one was out of the ordinary.

My recent piano practice sessions have been quite short (back and arm pains/weakness), but I am doing well with the exercise bike. I am thinking about taking the 10-lb hand weights to the gazebo with me and trying my old arm exercises while I am pedaling. I need to strengthen arms, back and breathing muscles, now, and concentrate on maintaining my balance while pedaling, so that next spring I can walk around the neighborhood.

Thank you for joining me for a visit, today. You can find Diana’s Part-Time Monster blog here, along with the InLinkz linkup button where you will find links to other #weekendcoffeeshare blog posts.

Best wishes for the weekend!



Christmas Week | Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee together, this morning, I would welcome you to the basement family room, so that I can keep track of the procession of laundry through the washer and dryer. There is plenty of room, because most of the furniture has not been returned to the basement after installation of an egress window. That was in late summer. As we’ve gotten older, I’ve spent more time in my former office on the main floor of the house. Now that there is a fire exit, I will feel comfortable transferring more activities downstairs.

I would share my feeling that my health is finally on the upswing, now that there is enough snow on the ground to cover most of the grass and weeds. On both Thursday and Friday we enjoyed outings, and I came away from them feeling invigorated. Saturday is a sleep-in day, and my husband is sleeping in. I’ve been reheating coffee from last night, but I’m now putting on a fresh pot, and there’s hot water for tea. (I’ve replenished my supply of Oolong and enjoyed a cup before I went to bed, last night.) And I was pleased after the last snow finally to see rabbit tracks across our yard. I have hope that they are an indicator that the rabbits who were born and grew up in my garden this past summer are still alive and healthy.

This past week was up and down. I had a lot of trouble sleeping for any long stretches. I fell asleep often throughout the day, which left me feeling wobbly. Meals have been hit-and-miss. We did go to the grocery that we do not like, beginning of the week, to purchase Dole lettuce; it’s the only store left that stocks it, although I notice that the store brands are gradually edging it out. I’ve enjoyed having green leafies again. On Thursday I had an appointment at the salon for my eight-week haircut. In case there will be holiday photographs, we decided to leave an extra eighth of an inch, this time. Normally I have it cut to half an inch, but this time, to five-eighths. It is a marked change from the twenty-four inches of a year and a half ago, but it’s easier to wash and dry, which cuts down on allergens, and generally much less bother.

Twice since reaching adulthood I let my hair grow long enough for a nice braid. The rest of the time (ever since my mother told me that I had to take responsibility for my own hair care) I have opted for short hair…most often a “buzz cut”. For years, the family YMCA was across the street from our office building, and I swam for half an hour before work, each day.

We stocked up on groceries, Tuesday, before the storm, but must replenish perishables. Especially fruits! We hope to get out for a restaurant meal, this weekend. Last time we arrived too late at the Olive Garden, and so went on to Denny’s. Going to try for a before-five mealtime. I want to sample OG’s gluten-free pasta. Love their salads! I may splurge and have a glass of wine (which they still will not sell in 3-ounce servings).

I wrote a lot of haiku, this week, both on this blog and, in addition to the two weekly challenges. I took very few photographs. Among the family members (my family of origin) many emails and FB posts have been exchanged. Things to straighten out, adjustments to be made, and wondering about where to find the presents that we have decided on for Al’s sister and brother-in-law.

I hope that I will last longer at the Christmas celebration than I did at Thanksgiving. Maybe there will be fewer people and much less perfume. I would love to spend at least the dinner hour with family before heading home for another shower. I am hoping for turkey, but suspect that since there was turkey at Thanksgiving, the Christmas celebration comes with baked ham.

The delight of the week: We found some soup mugs and also very heavy microwaveable bowls on sale at Macy’s and bought two each of two different styles. The heavy bowls are deep and just the right size, and so we went back to the store yesterday and bought three more bowls, at 40% off instead of the 30% off of the previous visit.

Our microwave bowls and cups, long suffering, had begun to crack, and so we decided to toss the ones that show flaws and avoid microwave explosions. One cup already lost its handle upon removal from the microwave, dumping hot soup on me and surroundings. I would like simply  to toss the older, flawed dishes and cups that are no longer safe to use. Among other things, I think it would cut down on the number of dishes I have to wash at one time. Life Simplification!

I hope that this week is enjoyable for you, whether gathering together, avoiding gatherings or continuing with customary activities.


P.S. I’m finding that I enjoy writing these Weekend Coffee Share posts (visit Part Time Monster HERE). I hope to find more time to read other people’s, this weekend. The end of the week has involved longer waking periods. I am hopeful!