#WeekendCoffeeShare 2017-06-24 | Downsizing

If we were having coffee (or tea or cold water) together, tonight, you might enjoy the company of my dogs, who are sleeping on the love seat across the room from me. We have anti-plaque spray for the Scampers in the evening; they put up token resistance, and then allow the spraying, but they sulk, afterwards and refuse to look at me!

The Scampers

They’ll let you pet them, however. They’re not unhappy with you. Just me.

Al’s gone out to run some last-minute errands and stop for coffee, coming or going. That leaves me some writing time. If we were getting together, I would tell you that I have been helping with the lifting and carrying for the woodworking shop that’s in progress in the back yard. We’ve fitted the door (deadbolt and regular locks) and the windows. Still no decisions on the siding, which must be ordered. And it’s been too rainy to finish the shingling (just the rows at the peak), and the wind’s been continuous, which has made gardening and picture-taking rather challenging.

Tomorrow, we are gathering things around the house that need to be transported to the city landfill. I’ve piano music and a gigantic collection of cookbooks (mine, my mothers, church projects, &c.) that I will not be using anymore. Also, a large stack of floppy disks and cases that must go.

From the kitchen cupboards, we are throwing away all of the seasonings, herbs and spices that were purchased before the current year (except for the saffron, which is sealed in a glass jar in an envelope). Over the decades too many things have accumulated. Also, some food items that may not be spoiled, but probably aren’t good for one, if they’ve lasted this many years.

I would also share with you the news that my blood sugar level has sunk to a 90-day average of 135, with a corresponding A1C of 6.5% (the good range is 4% to 6%, and mine, six months ago, was 11.7%). With this being the in-between too hot and too cold parts of the year, I have been doing well with exercising, which has been fun.

If we were together, I would share also my delight in the manuscripts I bid on in the Con or Bust fund-raiser auction that took place several months ago. I’ve both of them in hand and have read the first book once through and am eager to finish the second. I’ve enjoyed reading Mary Robinette Kowal’s  novels in the past, in particular, the “Glamourist Histories” series (Regency fantasy novels). These two current two books for which I have printouts are science fiction, and a lot of time is going into the reading of them.

I have suddenly run out of time. Back later to wrap this up!


20 hours later:  Obviously, I am not going to get anything more written here, this weekend. Laundry, helping a bit with the workshop building, dogs, filling boxes, and too many other things to contemplate!

Here is the link to Emily’s WeekendCoffeeShare post: HERE which also includes links to other participants. Best wishes for your week!



Coffee Break at 2:45 A.M.

Celebrating a productive day, here! I washed the towels and wash cloths, and then set the washing machine to the “clean” cycle. Hopefully that will do something constructive. Like cleaning the coffee maker, it’s a chore that doesn’t get put on the “To Do” list.

I finally caught up enough on rest that I tackled the dish washing. I’ve caught up with everything, now, but the 23 dirty yogurt jars. Well, they’re clean, but not “sterile” clean, and I need them to be, before I make more yogurt. Which I’ve got time for, because I put a fresh batch into the refrigerator, this afternoon.

On Tuesday, Al had another appointment with the dentist, for a filling, and so I rode along. He dropped me off at my parents’ place, and so Mother and I got a chance to visit. As usual I came away with more goodies. This time, practice squares for quilting, a full-size sheet that was handed down from someone; probably from her mother, and a pair of tiny stuffed bears dressed in kilts and tams.

I also have the email address of Mother’s friend who’s been helping her with her new sewing machine, which is a back to basics model. I’ve got her fancy machine, now, and her friend is willing to help me learn how to use it. Once I get things straightened enough here at home that I will have a place to set it up.

All of the construction is done, now, in the basement, so it’s just a matter of being sure that the basement is set to welcome the return of its stuff.

I’m not so worried about them, now. Mother seems much steadier on her feet, and Dad’s set to head out into the rain and do the grocery shopping, Thursday.

In the meanwhile, I have been playing with the flower photographs again, and that is much fun.