The New Routine

“Potty Training”

nighttime howls—
dragged up out of sleep…
awake now

4:30 panic
all is dark, puppy must poop
stillness…rain…warm arms


Copyright © 2016-03-19 (05:26), by
Lizl Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

Helpful: Surviving the First Night


Cranberry juice & 7UP | TV Listings

I got a bad reaction when a girlfriend stopped by yesterday afternoon while wearing perfume that hadn’t bothered me previously. Aside from going out for Cajun at the mall, I have managed to sleep all of the intervening time with the exception of Sam’s and my meal times. Not coherent, yet, but things within my line of blurred vision are making weird connections.

I’ve shared this at my photo art blog, which I had not intended to do (wrong browser, default settings, &c.), but I’ve come to share it here also. Just because I don’t have a sense of humor, and so I must share when these few random moments … make it seem to me that if it’s funny to me … never mind. Irrelevant.

We are limited to the antenna selections:

NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, and Victoria’s secret fashion show

With all those special agents headed for New Orleans at once, Victoria’s show isn’t going to be secret for long.

The Voice, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med

That makes “The Voice” Catherine O’Leary’s cow?

And on ABC?

I don’t even want to think about the Muppets disembarking to assist Shield’s agents in getting a hydra into the shark tank. Surely there are easier ways to feed a shark.

Just for the fun of it

If we were having coffee, this morning, we would be sharing a nice, hot, chocolate Toddy coffee made with whole milk instead of water. I have moved another (virtual) recliner into my bed-sitting room, so we’ll be comfortable. The dog is still asleep, which seems odd, since she usually doesn’t sleep in, once I am awake.

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that this has been a fun week for me, as far as writing poetry. I’m enjoying it a lot. What does worry me, though, is the pain in my chest that I think might be the beginning of bronchitis, which is how I spent most of December, last year. I have made the shift to getting to bed and (theoretically) to sleep before midnight. I sleep longer, that way. The temperature has warmed up, snow is melting, and so there may be molds in the air.

If we were having coffee together, I would share my concern about the house next door’s having been sold. My health has been much better (yes, really!) since the previous owners bought a new house and moved, last May, leaving the house unoccupied. I worry that they will use a toxic dryer sheet when they dry their clothing or set up a turkey smoker in their driveway or on their back porch. I worry that they will have recreational fires and not warn me beforehand, so that all the windows can be closed and rags stuffed under the doors to block the smoke. I worry because city ordinances are not enforced. The house next door changes owners often enough that I am getting tired of worrying. Writing poems helps that.

A joy in my life is that I think I have enough energy to wash the dishes, this weekend, while Al enjoys the gun show at our shooting range, this weekend. I also want to empty the refrigerator, a shelf at a time, and thoroughly clean it.

While I may come off as an extrovert and he, an introvert, it’s actually the opposite. He needs to be around groups of people a lot and establishes familiar places where he can be sure to run into the same people every day. Sometimes, twice a day, either to the same coffee shop or to another. I enjoy going shooting or to a restaurant or grocery shopping with my husband, but I’m not up to large gatherings. This was true even before marriage, serious allergies, &c.

And my husband’s alarm clock just went off. It’s almost seven o’clock. I suppose he wants an early start to the day. While I go out to get his coffee started, I leave you with the limerick I wrote just before we sat down for coffee.

I hope you have a marvelous week, full of happy surprises and satisfying activities…and people around you, or not, as suits you best.

Best regards,

“Impromptu Vacation”

There once was a motive for staying,
but now there’s a reason for leaving.
The cat and the mouse
chased the dog from the house,
so the dog and I’ve now set out roaming.

“Impromptu Vacation”. Copyright © 2015-12-05, by Elizabeth (Lizl) Bennefeld.