If we were having coffee together | Sunday, 31 January

the half moon seen through the willow tree's branches
Moon in Branches

If we were having coffee together, this morning, I would have to heat water, right now, for either Toddy coffee or tea. Somehow, Saturday got lost in the haze, and I left many things undone, again. Tea and toast for me, I think. Perhaps some strawberry preserves from a local producer and sold at the butcher’s shop, which has lots of nice extras. On Wednesday we stopped in to buy a beef roast for the Crock Pot, and so Al and I have been eating lots of pulled beef sandwiches since then.

The antibiotics have done nicely in helping to heal the abscess on my leg. There was only a slight touch of elevated temperature throughout, but I did not get out a lot. Last night, around 11 o’clock, I did ask Al to take me to the local Denny’s, just to get out of the house. He ordered coffee, and I, black tea and a banana split. It was very good for my spirits. I felt less disoriented afterwards.

If we were sharing coffee today, I would tell you about a fun couple of hours on Friday evening, writing poetry. Melissa (@thearanartisan) and I both take part in RonovanWrites’ weekly haiku challenge, and on Friday evening, after she had posted her response to the challenge, I came back with an answering haiku to her own, which posed a question. We wrote haiku back and forth on her FB page sporadically, throughout the evening. She was still up, baking cakes, in the middle of the night (extra eggs laid by the poultry). We quit at about 3 o’clock, her time. I think. It was fun! (That would be the Trees & Rainbows” post at the bottom right at Quilted Poetry.)

If all goes well, sometime toward the end of the week, we will stop in at my folks’ place, at which time I will attempt to get her computer printer working. And/or install the new one that she ordered, but which installed in French. I think. Some finger poking without reading the directions on the screen must have taken place. We are also ordered to bring 12 dozen eggs and 4 cartons of Old Home yogurt. My father has declined to drive out of town for grocery shopping, this winter, and the local supermarket does not carry non-store brands, which sinks following a gluten-free diet. I can offer you homemade yogurt to go with your coffee. I made two batches, this week! Also, g-free chocolate chip bars. I picked up two packs, 4 each, at the grocery. The local g-f baker’s products are sold there on special displays and also in the natural foods/gluten-free section.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to drop in at your site, later in the day.

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!


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Awake, now | The Second Cup of Coffee

I woke up, this morning, at a little after 9 o’clock. Again, I slept quite soundly. A bit of trouble breathing immediately upon wakening, but improving.

Yesterday, I wrote my poem for the Poetry 101 Rehab weekly challenge, and on Monday, my weekly “haiku” for RonovanWrites. My poem and bio are up at the SFPA Halloween Poetry Reading page (Halloween Awakening).

Now that I have picked out the computer I want to order, my blood oxygen level is down, and my pulse rate is up, and so I am waiting to submit my order until I’m feeling calm about it and sure that I won’t make mistakes in the ordering process. Or change my mind.

Patience are us? No, not really!

And I have a terrible time with decision making, sometimes.

Sunday Morning Coffee Break

Good morning! I’m glad you stopped by! Things are a bit of a mess, here, and I’m happy to take a break to visit with you. This morning, I put the coffee on and decided to pair it with a square of dark chocolate for myself (90% cocoa, and not enough information to know if that’s mostly the cocoa butter).

If we were having coffee together, this morning, it would be in the back-yard gazebo. My kitchen is cluttered, because I had spent the evening getting ready to make yogurt (took the jars out of the incubator at 9:00 a.m.). Even though I hadn’t finished washing up after meals during the day. I took two rather long naps, when perhaps I shouldn’t have. Just as I had put the hot milk to cooling and had something to eat, my husband got home and wanted to go out to supper. And so we did. He ate pancakes, and I had my first banana split in many years. Hurrah for proper menu labeling! Takes a lot of guesswork out of ordering.

I would like to mention the latest email I received from my mother. I learned from her that my father’s youngest brother, who is only six years or so older than me, is in the hospital and unconscious. Wayne has been in a nursing/retirement home for at least three years. I worry about my father, even though he seems to take the losses in stride and was quite cheerful, although tired, when we drove to their home town for a visit, last month. It has been little more than a year ago that my youngest sister was buried.

By and large, this has been a good week. I have written a nice lot of poetry, and one of the three poems I submitted, this year, was published in Star*Line. (The other two were sent back with requests for revisions, but I have not yet gotten back to that.)

Do you keep a “To Do” list? I suspect that I may have, but I have not seen any for a while, now. Sometimes I worry that my memory is failing me.

I’d love to chat longer, but Al’s awake, now. I’m going to make scrambled eggs and serve him breakfast in bed. 🙂