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No tea, tonight

I have stayed up far too long, again, playing with the computers. Discovered a photo file I was looking for in the iPhone archive in the Cloud. Glad that I at least knew what date the photo was taken.

My blood oxygen level (SpO2) is 96%, but my pulse is even lower than normal (for me) at 56 bpm. No fever, but the allergic reactions are … annoying.

As a late supper, I had 114g of plain greek yogurt with 100g of thawed, sliced strawberries. My afternoon snack was 10g of very dark chocolate and a cup of Toddy coffee made with whole milk. I have been testing my blood glucose fairly closely while having allergy and sleep problems. While I got in 13 miles on the exercise bike, today (I’m figuring today as Wednesday, late), it was a mile short of Tuesday’s pace.

I don’t know if taking a nap in the late afternoon is helpful or irrelevant.

Woke up in the night (early Wednesday morning) and wrote a poem in response to the dream I was in. That was interesting. I know where it comes from. Similar themes have popped up in my writing, over the years.

Too late to get into it, tonight, but I remember taking a do-it-yourself classic depression inventory that had the most fascinating things to say about my thoughts on life. Huh!

I’m out of here. If I don’t get to sleep, tonight, I don’t get to wake up in the morning.

Hope you’re having sweet dreams!




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Favorite Quotes – gathered over time

In no particular order, quotations that I have accumulated at Facebook over the years.

  • “Many journalists have fallen for the conspiracy theory of government. I do assure you that they would produce more accurate work if they adhered to the cock-up theory.” —Sir Bernard Ingham

  • “My business is to teach my aspirations to conform themselves to fact, not to try and make facts harmonize with my aspirations.” –Thomas Huxley

  • “One need not hope in order to undertake; nor succeed in order to persevere.” –William I, Prince of Orange

  • “Hell hath no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.” –Barber Conable, R-NY, U.S. House of Representatives