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So long a weekend…

The puppies’ potty training is continuing, as is their adjustment to the sights and sounds of the out-of-doors. Our house is close to being on an airport flight path; they sometimes come overhead. The new neighbors are working with power tools in the back yard. And there’s a pileated woodpecker hanging out in the cottonwood tree across the back fence that has unnerved the puppies occasionally, too.

More fun is their having discovered sticks. Branches long enough that they can pull each other around the yard, playing tug of war as each puppy tries to gain possession.

puppies with long sticks

puppies with long sticks

This evening, we put the puppies in their kennels for a nap around five thirty, and then went out to dinner. That was good.

Then I cleaned out of the refrigerator all of the food that we didn’t get a chance to eat, the past week or so, and laundered all of my skirts and shirts.

Now I have to finish proofreading the SFPA’s annual poetry anthology (poems nominated for the Rhysling Award). I didn’t get as much accomplished over the weekend as I’d hoped, so I’m going to have to concentrate on it, Monday.

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Afternoon coffee

I’ve reheated a cup of the morning’s coffee with lots of milk in it. I’m sure that I have sat in this chair for most of the afternoon…but perhaps not. I’m just not remembering.

I stayed up quite late, last night, to wash and dry two loads of laundry. We got a 4.5 lb. beef roast, late yesterday afternoon, which I cut in half and put into the Crock Pot with orange and V-8 Juice and a large onion in slices. After it had cooked for five hours or so, I cut off a piece for late supper, and then left it cooking until three in the morning (because I was still doing laundry), and so it now is pulled beef, fallen apart and ready for sandwiches.

Early in the afternoon I put together a batch of yogurt for the incubator using the Euro Cuisine yogurt culture, which calls for a totally different temperature range for culturing than the Yoplait: 111-113°F (6.5 to 7 hours/Yoplait) as opposed to 73-77°F (9-12 hours/Euro Cuisine starter in incubator).  I can remember, early on, ruining a lot of yogurt batches, because I didn’t know that some of the strains couldn’t handle the higher temperatures.


I think I’ll take another nap.