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Wet, out there

Woke up before 6:00 a.m. to the sound of thunder, and the storm is just now moving out of the area. The Scampers wouldn’t go outside without me, and so I took my camera with me.

I didn’t get to bed when I should have, last night, and so I am feeling not the thing, this morning, in spite of Toddy coffee, three ounces of fish (reheated from last night), and a slice of bread with peanut butter for breakfast.

Given the dark clouds, the first photographs of the morning were flash illuminated.

Husband and puppies are snoring, again. Think I’ll go back to bed, now.

Best wishes for your day!

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Wednesday Morning Tea

This morning the area crows held their party in our neighborhood’s tall trees. The Scampers were unnerved at first, but the crows eventually settled in and down to occasional caws and one-upping to score the highest branch to roost on.

There were a few more flax flowers in the wildflower garden, so we took photographs, and I brewed a cup of Oolong tea.

Off to do the week’s grocery shopping. The tea was good!

Best wishes for your day!

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One of my mother’s mass mailings to myself and my siblings included a humorous observation with regard to my father, from which I wrote a poem:

“Himself at (almost) 99 Years”

When last seen, barely hanging
onto life, old enough to die,
angry, and yes, he said, too
tired to move from off his bed.

Now again espied, he’s spent
two hours raking out a rock
garden and the two-lot yard,
filling 20 bags with leaves and
started hauling them away.

What wonders come from too much
time that’s spent in idleness,
staring at the ceiling and
muttering about the aches
that he now cheerfully ignores.

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