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Borrowing morning’s minutes

Mother’s Day and Memories

Awake at 8 o’clock after 7 hours of solid sleep. Weather forecast promises rain, again, but not until mid-afternoon. I am hiding out in my room so as to not wake the Scampers before my 9 o’clock alarm rings. That means, also, no Toddy coffee, yet.

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Coffee Break · Good Morning

Snow and wind

Woke this morning to find that the electric power (incl. heat) is out. (Al said that happened about 6:00 or so.) Imagine it’s due to high winds and possibly a branch fallen on the power lines, since the outage is reported to be limited (about 500 customers). My coffee this morning is cold (milk and refrigerated Toddy coffee concentrate). The sun’s not going to make an appearance, today, judging by the weather forecast, but at least it’s getting lighter.

And…the power just now came on. Perhaps I’ll set the coffee (hot variety) to brewing.

It’s odd that the power came on before the electric company’s estimated time of repair.