Snow and wind

Woke this morning to find that the electric power (incl. heat) is out. (Al said that happened about 6:00 or so.) Imagine it’s due to high winds and possibly a branch fallen on the power lines, since the outage is reported to be limited (about 500 customers). My coffee this morning is cold (milk and refrigerated Toddy coffee concentrate). The sun’s not going to make an appearance, today, judging by the weather forecast, but at least it’s getting lighter.

And…the power just now came on. Perhaps I’ll set the coffee (hot variety) to brewing.

It’s odd that the power came on before the electric company’s estimated time of repair.



Midmorning Coffee Break / #WeekendCoffeeShare


photo 2016-07-14, The Scampers (cocker spaniels)
A Scamper in the flowerbed?
I saw nothing!

Welcome! If we were having coffee together, I would invite you to share some Toddy Coffee (from home-brewed concentrate), this morning. The morning started out nicely at a little before seven o’clock, when I awoke before the Scampers. When we went outside together, I put in three miles on the exercise bike while they chased each other around the yard. I am happy that we are getting together to visit this morning. My brother and his wife are driving from the Twin Cities to our parents’ home, tomorrow morning, and they plan to stop by later in the day. They’ll be staying the night (at a hotel) before driving home, again, on Sunday afternoon. He is the other “retired” sibling (among the six of us), and so is taking the lead in trying to coordinate the folks’ cares and services.

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you about my trip to see the eye doctor (MD). A new-to-me doctor that my husband has been going to for some years, now. I do have (I think he said) the beginning of a cataract, but nothing need be done about it, and my new prescription for glasses is, he did say, almost identical to the (six years ago) prescription of the glasses that I took with me to the appointment. Since losing my “good” pair of eyeglasses within the past few years, I needed the new prescription in order to purchase new ones. My husband, on the other hand, is scheduled for cataract surgery for both eyes, this fall. Because I never learned to drive a car, he will have to arrange transportation within the family or take a cab. I worry somewhat about that, but the doctor is an expert in the field.

I would tell you that I have been enjoying a good week, aside from getting to the kitchen work (surfaces, dish washing, general mayhem). I must at least get dishes washed before sibling and spouse arrive., tomorrow. We are in the midst of floor refinishing and moving furniture around, which generally will excuse the rest of the mess. At least we have a two-person sofa that’s clear of boxes and a clear path from the front door through the living room to the piano.

That has been a good thing, this week. I have gotten back into playing the piano, now that the muscle spasms in my back have vanished. (I still don’t know what that was about!) Practice went well, and I got beyond the two 12-step warm-up exercise assignments to a Minuet by J.S. Bach that I used to be able to play. It went well, everything considered. I am encouraged! I also took another shot at Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. Not so good in spots, but it’s coming along. It is my hope to get back into, eventually, my sheet music of pieces for piano by Rachmaninoff. But I don’t know if I ever will manage Scott Joplin’s rags, again. If I make enough progress with Bach, I will try them, however. Or at least find simpler arrangements.

Also, I would share my enjoyment of going out to supper, last night. An impromptu outing initiated by my husband, we went to a nearby restaurant where one of our friends has worked for some time and is being trained in restaurant management (including, now, cooking). Al ordered the chicken-fried steak, which is off limits for me because of the gluten, and I ordered a salmon steak on spinach with other vegetables and a gluten-free English muffin. We were able to spend much time visiting together, and I brought home some of the salmon to have for breakfast, this morning.

Also this week, I finally got out to the motor vehicle department to get a new non-driver identification card. Because I do not get out much, there’s really been no need for it, but I no longer look like the picture on the old one, and I will need the updated card to vote in the November elections.

Speaking of breakfast, as I was, I believe that I will go to the kitchen, now, to scramble eggs and steam a zucchini to go with the leftover salmon. Strawberries and blackberries for afters.

Thank you for joining me, this morning. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity, and I look forward to finding out what’s been happening in your world, wherever you are.


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Toddy coffee, strong

Good morning!

Looks like a beautiful day, out there! I’ve gotten through the necessary chores and am now going to find the book I was reading last night.

The temperature was perfect for sleeping. I woke up a little after 9:00, having slept through the night. (Which was a bit short, having gotten into writing. No interruptions, other than yawning.)

B&N seems to have discontinued their weekend in-store Buy one ebook, Get one free promotion. I think they’ve just eliminated the last reason to go into the local store, unless we decide to go there for coffee. Which is just as well. ::looks at mental list of “To Be Read” books. shakes head:: Still rereading Bradley’s Darkover novels.

Breakfast, now.