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In my garden #WeekendCoffeeShare

blue wild flax flower with raindrops
Eyes Wide Shut

Good morning! The tea is hot, and the cheese and crackers are looking good, this time of the day. (I can offer you Toddy coffee, with or without milk, if you’d prefer. A fresh batch of homemade coffee concentrate is in the fridge.) The Scampers dozing on the loveseat, and all is quiet, again. We did wake up in time to enjoy an early dawn outing in the back yard.

The weather has turned warm, this week, and I have spent a lot of time out of doors, taking photographs of the tulips and finally the blue wild flax flower perennials along the south side of the garage. I also saw some more hover flies, although singly, attending the open flowers. I have seen almost no pollinators until now. Also, only two spiders and no webs.

This has been a cold, wet spring that almost hasn’t been. I am happy to report that the seepage really has been quite minimal for a flood year, and the dehumidifiers in the basement have been working well to keep the humidity down. The floodwaters are not under control everywhere, yet, but we are hopeful that fields across the state can be seeded in time to produce crops for fall harvest..

While my writing, this week, has been minimal (think “photographs”), I did contribute to Ronovan Writes Monday (haiku) and Wednesday (sijo) poetry writing challenges. And caught up on the ones that I missed. Also, this week the first Wednesday of the month was June 1, and that meant the Zoom poetry workshop through Poetry Heals from seven to eight o’clock, Central Time. Quite a lively time of it, this week. Met and interacted with some new-to-me folks. Afterwards, I did a bit of rewriting and found photographs to go with the two poems that I wrote independently during the workshop, which are on my Quietude blog: “Playing with Words“.

Got a lovely package from Laura Anne Gilman: one of the paper galleys for her book Uncanny Times, which comes out later this year. (I support her work through Patreon at a tier that includes that benefit … the coffee stain was an unexpected embellishment.)

Friday evening, I attended the third of three poetry readings via Zoom of the short poem section of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association 2022 Rhysling Anthology (an annual publication of SFPA member-selected favorite poems to be voted on by members). Got my votes recorded before the June fifteenth deadline. On to the long poem section! Votes for the longer poems are due in August. There is talk of making the online readings an annual event, and I am in favor of that.

With the progression of the seasons, I still am feeling restless. Sleeping a lot during the day and waking in the middle of the night (five o’clock, this morning with my alarm set for nine o’clock).

I hear a stirring in the next room, and so I am going to wind this up. Natalie, our host for Weekend Coffee Share, has posted her blog post for this week: Five Easy Walks to Cool Off (with a lovely selection of photos along her way), and you will also find an InLinkz link party app with links to other participants in Weekend Coffee Share.

Hugs and best wishes,

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Day 14 NaNoWriMo (imayo)

Daniel Roberts, Pixabay

along the winding river – branches overhead
I heard songs of meadowlarks – cheerful warbling tunes
they floated from the pasture – music in the hedge
I stopped that day to listen – I still hear their joy

[imayo.] Copyright © 2021-11-15, by Liz Bennefeld.

The imayo poetry form is also used for songs. Four lines of 12 syllables, each line with a caesura (pause) the 7-syllable and 5-syllable phrases. I am not aware of any limitation on subjects.