Blue Wild Flax flowers, each with a hoverfly (large and small) alongside tall grass gone to seed

Friday evening, 14 October 2016 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

Good evening! I’ve finished off my list of things to do, today, and I’m happy that you have dropped by to join me for late (or early?) coffee. Water’s hot for tea, and there’s orange and cranberry juice in the frig. (Also, cream, blackberries and strawberries while fruit is still in season.)

If we were having coffee, &c., together, I would share the memorable events and accomplishments of my week.

  • I sent off the order, today, for wildflower seeds to plant in the new garden plot.
  • I missed a day on the exercise bike. These past three days, I’ve pedaled 8 miles/day, and three to four miles a day for three days.
  • I have practiced my piano exercises and also played some performance pieces, albeit intermediate grade selections.
  • The kitchen has been clean and all dishes washed twice within the past seven days.
  • I’m caught up on the laundry, and also collected my mother’s wash from the nursing home. I found that her shawl has a new hole in it, and I must mend it before returning it.
  • Thaddeus (the younger Scamper) is on a new “Time Out” discipline regimen. When he repeats a forbidden act (e.g., stealing and eating a washcloth or towel, a facial tissue or paper towel), he goes into his kennel with the cover over it. I set the timer for 15 minutes, and then let him out, again. His behavior is improving. Also, Al got a new towel rack for the kitchen and mounted it high enough that the dogs cannot reach the cloths.

My mother got up a couple of times late in the night (early Thursday), which we did not know she could do, and fell. I would expect that she was trying to get to the bathroom. Measures are being taken.

I’ve been to the nursing home three days in a row, this week, and she’s been resting. I would share with you that I find this to be a good thing. Regaining mobility may help her to feel less anxious and thus improve her health.

I also must share that I have written a poem (see below) that I might be able to record for the SFPA’s Halloween Poetry Reading, but I’m not really happy with it. I’ve other ideas running around in my mind, but need to have nothing happening for a day or so. Also, I no longer have adequate recording software since my computers have switched to Windows 10. Sharing it with you may give me some incentive to come up with a better poem.

Childhood’s Hallowe’ens

It’s that time of year
when monsters peep
from closet doors
and gather round
from underneath the beds

to find out if you’re ripe
for different sorts of
new adventures.

Hunter, once again, this year?
or Hunted?

If we were visiting together, I would tell you that one of my great stress relievers is rereading books by favorite authors (e.g., Julie Czerneda, Sharon Shinn, Anne McCaffrey, Laura Anne Gilman, Anne Bishop (The Courtyard series), L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Mercedes Lackey, &c.). This week I finished Modesitt’s newest release: Treachery’s Tools. And then I started rereading Solar Express (November 2015).

I lasted through the week pretty well, but on Friday I had to take the day off, pretty much. A ham radio friend died on Wednesday, and Al went to the memorial service today, while I stayed home. Breathing problems and feeling dizzy. It’s good to take off time to rest, finally.

I’m going to sign off and get some sleep, before Friday turns into Saturday.

Thank you for joining me, this evening.


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The Scampers & the New Garden Plot
The Scampers & the New Garden Plot

The weather took a break

Today, the temperature has been brutally cold. I have slept through the majority of the day, finally awaking at 3 o’clock this afternoon to put the chicken breasts into the oven to cook (a staple in my soup-making.)

Yesterday afternoon, the temperature was 24°F and there was no breeze. When I took Samantha outside over the noon hour, I didn’t bother with a jacket while taking photographs. Today? 2°F and -17° for tonight’s forecast.

I think that my chest cold is clearing up, and I haven’t had any fits of sneezing since last night. I am rereading The Goblin Emperor for the third (fourth?) time in a row, now intermixed with poems in Samih Al-Qasim’s Sadder Than Water (original on the left, English on the right hand pages). I am currently reading (slowly) through the title poem. I still haven’t found my original copy, but B&N’s replacement (I ordered another copy) arrived with yesterday morning’s mail. [Joy!]

Why do I die, and not another?
And your failing depths whisper:
Because, you are a stranger
on this plane and did not know it;
and did not build it;
and you are nothing on it or in it
but an atom passing through this space….

[“Sadder than Water”, Sadder than Water, by Samih Al-Qasim, IBIS Ed., 2006, p. 171]