Where did the weekend go? | #WeekendCoffeeShare

The weekend—this past week—has been cluttered, and I have lost my way in the midst of it all. I’d welcome the chance to sit down with you for coffee and hear about how your week has progressed. Toddy coffee, here, and carrot sticks. Also, Tetley tea (black and strong) and a pitcher of filtered water in the refrigerator.

I have been escaping to enjoy taking photographs in the wildflower garden and to put in miles on my exercise bike, which lives in the screened-in gazebo in the back yard. While there still are lots of weeds in the back yard, I am making progress in getting them pulled, now that the plants that I wanted in the garden are getting large enough to identify.

Much progress has been made on the backyard workshop, and I’m being called upon less often to lift and carry, now that the doors and windows close. And there have been fewer storms and fewer branches being blown into our yard. The Scampers adjusted quickly to the noises of the Independence Day celebrations here in town. Even when the fireworks sounded loud enough to be just outside our own door. I guess the process of accustoming the dogs to the fierce thunderstorms has added benefits. I have high hopes for getting through this fall’s fireworks association convention and demonstrations that rock the house even from the next town over, without even keeping the dogs awake.

I finally remembered to order refills on the Scampers’ Flea and Tick pills, this weekend. As it turns out, the website we order from keeps a copy of the vet’s approval and our orders, so all I have to do is click the correct medications and fill in my gift card number of the month.

This has been a “keep busy” week, and I have been putting in a lot of time on the elliptical machine (living room) and the exercise bike (gazebo), which has been bringing down my blood glucose level. Although I forgot to take my medication, this morning (not the first or second time, this week). Seems, however, that my numbers are staying down even so, and I expect that sticking to my diet and exercising help with that.

I must share with you that I have made no progress on getting together socially with anyone here in town. Although a poet friend (an acquaintance, I suppose, really) found that she would be stopping here on her way to a wedding in central Minnesota. She’d never before visited North Dakota, but has relatives in the same town in which I live. I found that I very much enjoyed visiting with her about her poetry activities and family history and current events. I do not recall the last time I offered to fix a meal for a guest. I spoke with … someone, grief counselor or diabetes educator, about my needing to make contact and form some relationships with people locally. I wonder, now, as I find I’ve gotten out of the habit over these many decades.

Happy that you have stopped by, and I am looking forward to visiting other blogs, as I am able, on the #WeekendCoffeeShare circuit. I understand that both NerdintheBrain.com (Emily) and PartTimeMonsterblog.com (Diana) have links to the Linkz page where the participants in Weekend Coffee Share are placing their links, this weekend. Diana is taking over as host, again, after her needed time off.

Hope that you’re enjoying life! I plan to visit again soon!

Best regards,

Before coffee

The week was busy, here, as I helped with the wall raising. Several sections were too heavy for the two of us to lift and then hold in place, and so a sister and her husband came over from the next town to lend their muscle power to the project.

As a result of the added activity, I am behind on my Poem a Day project by one day. And, while I did get the laundry finished up, with the added incentive that my puppy, while at the vet, was unhappy with another dog, I have yet to wash the dishes. Enough so that I had to pick him up, which resulted in a damp shirt. 😦 It was amusing, but…

The dogs have their vaccines taken care of, and they’re in good health. Today I must figure out how to mail-order their preventative pills.

And now I must find something good to eat. We finally shopped again at the grocery that sells frozen buckwheat waffles. I must remember!

The End of November: #WeekendCoffeeShare

Welcome! It’s a nice morning for hot coffee, here. The temperature is just above freezing. I’m enjoying some Toddy coffee (home-made coffee concentrate) in hot milk, this morning.

Sometime today we hope to get to the movie theater to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We don’t often go to movies, so it will be a nice treat. We have movie passes that we received at Christmas, last year, and it would be good to use them before they expire. I was intrigued by the trailer. Have you seen the movie?

If we were having coffee together, today, I would share with you some of the photographs that I have selected for my mother’s memorial gathering. I brought back four gigantic photo albums from the parents’ home. One begins with family photographs from Mother’s growing-up years and her marriage in Killduff, Jasper County, Iowa, during WW II, just before she enlisted in the Navy and was shipped overseas to Hawaii.

I would tell you about visiting with my father after stopping by the house to retrieve the photo albums. I am happy that he is surrounded by people he knows in a town he’s lived in for nearly 100 years. He says that he is not reacting, yet, to Mother’s death. I hope that at Mother’s gathering and at his birthday party the next day, where his remaining children, along with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, will be present, we can all have a good crying session together. Even though we rejoice, we still grieve.

Writing has been comforting to me. (New prose poem up at the quiltedpoetry blog). And Thaddeus has kept close during the evenings and while Al is not present.


I hope that you will visit Diana’s Part Time Monster Blog, where you will find a Linkup button and her own Weekend Coffee Share post.

Thank you for sharing coffee with me, this morning. It’s always good to visit, catch up on what’s happening as we get to know each other.

Best wishes for your week!


Early Saturday Morning

It’s a little after seven o’clock, and the dogs are not yet awake. Neither is Al. Al’s snoring, but the Scampers are still sound asleep. I don’t think the sun is up, yet.

We have decided tentatively on the new location for my wildflower garden that will put it into the sun a little more and remove it from the area where Al plans to build his workshop.

On the 27th we will be gathering for the care-planning conference for my mother. Most of us, by telephone. Speaking of which, I may be using a smartphone for the rest of my life; the others do not have a “Find My Phone” feature, and I’ve been using that almost daily for perhaps a year, now.

A photograph of the Scampers from July:

cocker spaniels holding onto the same stick
Scampers with Stick

Time, now, to rejoin the world. Puppies soon to wake up. I should put on coffee for Al, whose alarm clock should ring in about half an hour. I want to get out to the gazebo to put in miles on the exercise bike before the workmen get here…whenever that may be. The Toddy coffee must be decanted an hour from now.

I got caught up on the washing of dishes, last night! Totally!

End of the weekend | #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee together, today, I would welcome you to a very quiet house. The puppies are sound asleep, now. Al took a day trip to Hutchinson, Minnesota, on Saturday, leaving in a caravan of relatives to visit the home of relatives on their father’s side of the family. This being mosquito and allergy season, I opted to stay home and puppy sit.

After his camping trip of last week, I would have thought that The Scampers would be accustomed to his absence, but such was not the case. They hung around the front door, listening for the car to pull into the driveway (several false alarms, since there was a rummage sale three or four houses away, with people parking in front of our house).

I opened up the curtains on the front window, with has not happened, I think, since we brought The Scampers home at the beginning of March. They spent a lot of time looking out the window and napping on the couch.


Al didn’t arrive home until close to 11 o’clock, By 10 o’clock, The Scampers were exhausted, and I had put them and myself to bed. So we all got up and had beef treats (Scampers) and some ice cream (the other two of us).

This afternoon, after everyone recovered and caught up on sleep, Al and I went out for lunch.

My accomplishments for the weekend were taking care of the puppies, the laundry, and the dish washing. And getting a couple good nights of sleep. I am looking forward to a less eventful week.

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