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Going to be a short night

I do not know why my puppy became restless, again, after he’d gone to bed. That happened several nights ago, also, and we went short on sleep then, too. The dogs are now quiet, but I’m not ready to sleep, now.

My appointment with the doctor went nicely. All of the lab reports showed improvement, as well as my weight loss, blood pressure and SpO2. I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds since the middle of December, and my A1C is within three tenths of a percent of the doctor’s goal for me: a drop from 11.7% to 7.3%. And so, no more appointments with the medical staff until June.

As I was visiting with my doctor about my father’s dying, last month, I realized that I want to talk about it some more, but visiting with family members will not be helpful. They undoubtedly are going through their own feelings and grieving processes now, after losing both parents and an aunt in such a short time. I’ve kept the name and phone number for the appropriate person to call at the local hospice organization. Believe that I will give her a call on Thursday or Friday.

I do have another appointment with the dentist toward the end of May. By then, my mouth should be healed, and I can have that last filling done.  Since the tooth extraction, last week,  I am looking forward to down time.

Al is hoping to get started on his workshop, this week. Some final measuring and figuring. He’s already made some sturdier sawhorses. Too, he finished installing the new kitchen floor, which is wonderful! It’s much easier to keep clean. Which is important, since the puppies are tracking in mud, and Al is tracking in sawdust. (*・▽・*)

I am happy to have made it to this time of the evening when I have had a little time to myself for writing. Even a little bit!

Believe I can get to sleep, now.



Nattering · Personal

At the epicenter

That’s what our house is…this week, I am too tired. And the dog (Samantha) became ill (shampooing the living room carpet is in our near future), and then Al’s cold took a turn for the worse, and he has been either sleeping or out at the range, taking his volunteer shifts because, it seems, that’s easier than finding a replacement. (On the bright side, the range has extended its hours, in that the 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. shift has become 10 a.m.-Noon and Noon-2 p.m., which means that on Mondays, Al will be working two hours instead of three.) None of the housework is getting done, we are eating canned soup, block cheese, watermelon and omelets with strawberry preserves. We have had to tempt Samantha to eat; she’s cut back from three meals a day to two, sometimes one. Last night and this morning, she’s finally more energetic and interacting again.

My interests center on sleeping, as do Samantha’s and Al’s. Which means a clear mind and a relaxed body and the Midnight Rain Shower environmental track running 24/7. Maybe a little louder, tonight, since Al’s coughing woke me up often, last night.

vitals = SpO2 = 90%, P = 70 bpm, temp. = 97.2°F