Coffee Break

The weather took a break

Today, the temperature has been brutally cold. I have slept through the majority of the day, finally awaking at 3 o’clock this afternoon to put the chicken breasts into the oven to cook (a staple in my soup-making.)

Yesterday afternoon, the temperature was 24°F and there was no breeze. When I took Samantha outside over the noon hour, I didn’t bother with a jacket while taking photographs. Today? 2°F and -17° for tonight’s forecast.

I think that my chest cold is clearing up, and I haven’t had any fits of sneezing since last night. I am rereading The Goblin Emperor for the third (fourth?) time in a row, now intermixed with poems in Samih Al-Qasim’s Sadder Than Water (original on the left, English on the right hand pages). I am currently reading (slowly) through the title poem. I still haven’t found my original copy, but B&N’s replacement (I ordered another copy) arrived with yesterday morning’s mail. [Joy!]

Why do I die, and not another?
And your failing depths whisper:
Because, you are a stranger
on this plane and did not know it;
and did not build it;
and you are nothing on it or in it
but an atom passing through this space….

[“Sadder than Water”, Sadder than Water, by Samih Al-Qasim, IBIS Ed., 2006, p. 171]

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Under the weather . . .

And holding my ground on Day 3. I think this is going to be a 10-day go-round with a cold. Oxygen level plummets (a bad thing) when I sleep, which keeps waking me up (a good thing). Which keeps me drinking diluted fruit juices, thus avoiding dehydration. Finishing up on day 3, I think that I will be avoiding the ER, this time. A number of my FB (ewbennefeld) friends seem to have come down with this at about the same time.

I still have not found my copy of Sadder than Water (Samih al-Qasim). I ordered another copy  from B&N as soon as I realized that mine was not readily relocatable and received my shipping notice today. Marvelous poetry.