Snowy Saturday, October 28 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

Honey, It’s Cold Outside!

Welcome to my World!  If we were getting together for coffee, today, I would welcome you to a hot cup of coffee … or maybe hot chocolate. We have had our first real touch of snow, a promise of winter. Perhaps more to come during the next week and an accumulation of snow on the ground.

If we were having coffee together, this evening, you would have missed the moving of the remaining bales of insulation to the workshop-in-progress in the back yard, and the carrying to the basement the paint cans. Painting the siding is officially postponed until spring. Unless we get much more of a warm-up than I can imagine, right now.

As expected, I never did get a Halloween poem recorded for SFPA’s Online Halloween Poetry Reading page, this year. Or even art work sent in. I have been feeling quite high-strung, and I am not sure what is unsettling me. Perhaps it is just the long string of “first anniversaries” that began with the death of my mother’s sister in October of last year. My mother died a year ago on November 15. In total, from last October to this, I lost both parents, two aunts, and three uncles.

I did put in a call to Hospice, and a new-to-me bereavement counselor will be making a visit to the house on Halloween afternoon. I do expect that being able to talk with her about my thoughts and feelings will help me feel more settled.  It is too bad that the previous counselor moved on from her position when she did, from my perspective. But I am adaptable.

If we were having coffee together, this weekend, I would share with you my latest “project” as I move back into poetry writing after my four-week Japanese Poetry workshop that ended on October 6th. The woman who headed up our NaPoWriMo (Poetry) group in April is hoping to form a group to repeat the “write a poem a day for a month” activity during NaNoWriMo (Novel) month. [Look here to take a look at my poems for April 2017.] While I have written several books during NaNoWriMo and, earlier, April Kihlstrom’s “Book in a Week” challenges, I have discovered that I have no tolerance for rewriting or editing a work of that length. I am sticking to short poems. And hopefully, eventually, essays and memoir pieces.

If we were having coffee together, this evening, I would share that my husband and I enjoyed a nice coze, earlier, a puppy on each lap, talking over the events of the day, plans for tomorrow’s supper, and options for various aspects of finishing the inside of the workshop, in the midst of general conversation. It was a shame to have to wake up the Scampers, so that they could go into their kennels to sleep for the night. It has been a comfortable evening. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Best wishes for you, this weekend and the coming week,


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Sunny Sunday | #WeekendCoffeeShare October 22


Weekend Greetings! If we were getting together for coffee, today, I would welcome you to a cup of coffee made with my most recent batch of Toddy coffee concentrate. Also, milk, black tea and filtered water.

The week has been disjointed, here, with many appointments and deadlines. And a close relative went ou a tour of the British Isles, and so there were several deliveries, since we volunteered to receive the packages she shipped back to the United States during her travels with a friend. Delivery days did not fall on the same days as my haircut or the dogs’ visit to the groomer. THe dogs came home shaved except for the ears. I had my hair cut not so short, looking forward to the colder weather; I will get my next cut at the middle of December and have it left longer by another eighth of an inch. My next preparatory chore, since this week’s forecast mentions show, is to go through the scarf/gloves box in the hall closet for stocking caps and mittens.

If we were having coffee together, I would show you some of the pictures from years past when there was already snow on the ground on this date. I love the winter’s snow, leaves on the ground and buried under their white, winter blankets, and the paths that the squirrels and birds make under the cotoneasters in the back yard (see leaves, above, in sunlight).

If we were having a snow event this weekend, however pretty it might be, I would be settling in for a peaceful nap. Before our coffee date, I got outside with the dogs and a camera, and I took a few photographs of the sunlight shining through the thin, yellow and red leaves still hanging from the tree branches. In the garden, there is one last poppy, and yesterday I got a photograph of the very last Siberian wallflower in the wildflower garden.



If we were having coffee together, this weekend, I would confess that I will not, this year, be recording a Hallowe’en poem for the SFPA Online Halloween Poetry Reading. I did write a short poem, but was not able to record it, because the dogs take an exception to the sound of me, talking to myself. Also, I did not care for the poem, after I’d tried to recite it for the microphone half a dozen times. This will be the second time in twelve years that I’ve not had a poem up for the event. While I am disappointed, my disappointment relates to circumstances (my fatigue and life’s not allowing room for extra hours in the day or days in the week). Nor am I inspired to create new seasonal graphic art. I did note in the call for submissions that this year’s editor is looking for specifically “Hallowe’en” art and poetry. Mine in the past have been “mood” pieces, but for the year of my “At Allantide” poem. We look forward to passing out holiday candy to the children in the neighborhood who stop by, but we feel no special connection to Hallowe’en celebrations or childhood memories. And if there is snow on the night, we’ll remove our address from the NextDoor neighborhood map, shut out the lights, and go to bed.

Do you have sweet memories of Hallowe’en celebrations from years gone by?

Thank you for stopping in! I did find a post with a #WeekendCoffeeShare Linkz button, this weekend: here at Eclectic Alli, with current links, and I will be adding my page there, later this afternoon.

Best wishes!



The hard part is over

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

My co-editor, Shannon, is wonderful! And the initial version of the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s 2015 Online Halloween Poetry Reading is up on the site with seven poet’s poems (MP3s) to listen to. I do so enjoy listening to the tapes as they come in. Also, the pictures! I do the initial screening and communications, and Shannon is handling much of the rest, including promotion. There is always an initial rush, but my poem, and Shannon’s, when she gets hers recorded, put us at nine poets/poems, which about halfway there, judging by the numbers of contributors in years past. Our deadline for SFPA members to get their files to me is the 26th.

I wrote and recorded my poem, “Halloween Awakening”, on Sunday. Al also listened to it, and we both decided that it’s a pretty good poem for this venue. I am assuming, you see, that it’s going to be approved by Shannon, also.

A couple of years, I only contributed photo art, but otherwise, it’s been photo art and a poem or two since October 2006. I enjoyed the year when I was only a contributor, and not an editor/curator. I think that was the best year for me in terms of enjoyment.

However, volunteers are hard to come by, and I’m getting to the tail end of my being able to volunteer, and so I’m glad to put in one more year helping with the project.