Winter Snowstorm

The town, and many surrounding, closed down for Monday’s winter storm. The snow was wet, piling on tree branches and leaving the yard and streets heavily covered.

This morning, Al finished blowing snow from the driveway and sidewalks. After a break, he hauled the snowblower into the back yard and made paths for the Scampers. They had a lot of fun running up and down the new alleyways and making new paths from one to another, bounding through deep drifts.

They’re now taking a nap, while we are waiting to move the laundry from washing machine to dryer.

It’s been nice to have a (severe) winter storm during which we did not lose power. Although there was a lot of heavy snow, the winds never got to blizzard strength. And not having to depend on landlines for telephone/Internet service also is reassuring; we did charge up the emergency batteries for the phones and tablets.


Finally, our storm

The snow arrived at last, after the winds started to die down. I am not sure why, but I did not fall sleep, last night, until after five o’clock. I sent four aspirin after the warm milk. The winds beat the cables and ropes against the antenna tower. Surprisingly loud. The bad weather will, theoretically, cease at Noon.

Cottage cheese and melon slices, I think, with half a cup of squash soup to start.

dog eating snow, gazebo and garden in background
Sam in the Snow

Best wishes for your day!

Actually a Storm

Woke up an hour or so ago to “Winter Storm” in progress. Fortunately not enough wind, yet, to give Samantha second thoughts about going outside to potty. I could feed her, now, and take her out again before the wind picks up.

Or I could make coffee, now, so it’s ready when Al wakes up.

Amusement of the day: I got the tracking information for Samantha’s glucosamine tablets, which I’d ordered during the weekend. I’d chosen the 5-10 business days delivery option via UPS, because I do have an appointment for a haircut, tomorrow. They promise delivery by end of day tomorrow. If the package is transferred to USPS, it will arrive on Friday or Saturday instead. What are the chances?


Recalling snow . . .

I have, actually, always loved winter. My mother used to stuff us into our snowsuits, tie scarves around our necks up over our noses, put snow boots and mittens on us, and shove us out the door to “play”. Years later, I had brothers and sisters to play with, making snow forts (and snowballs) and snow angels, and also dragging our sleds and skis a block and a half from home to slide down the hill and trudge back up again until we couldn’t feel our feet or fingers.

me and my father in the snowy driveway
Oh, goody! Snow!

I don’t know how much help I was, but I enjoyed moving snow.

myself and my father standing in front of the cottonwood tree
A little older, a little colder

Living in a basement house, the thick layer of snow on the roof did provide a little extra insulation.

Pause from shoveling snow off of outside steps
Clearing the Snow

No coffee during childhood, but mugs of hot, chocolate Ovaltine. As we got older, we walked (in our ice skates — no warming house) four blocks to the town skating rink. In spite of my weak ankles, I did manage to turn corners and skate backwards. Nothing any fancier. I think I twisted my ankles, trying to not poke the ends of the blades into my hind side whenever I fell backwards. Frequently.