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Wednesday, midmorning tea

b+w: grasshopper on a leaf in the garden
Grasshopper in August

In truth, I started writing this at midmorning, but time got away from me. The temperature is -4°F/-20°C with a wind chill temperature of -21°F. It seems odd to me, seeing the Hazardous Weather Outlook embrace both wind chill and river flooding in the same set of announcements. I woke up, waking the Scampers also, a bit after seven o’clock, this morning. We have gone through all of the minimal, necessary morning chores, and have climbed back into our respective beds, Charlie at Al’s feet and Thadd at mine. Continue reading “Wednesday, midmorning tea”

Good Evening · Tea Time

A cup of tea

large and small, brown teapots
Tea for Two


The temperatures are rising, the frost has gone out of the ground, and the snow melt is trying to move into the basement, again.  Al was away when the water sensor started to alarm, but he got home in a timely fashion, took the plug out of the floor drain…and found the drain snake in the garden shed. The pipe out had gotten plugged since the last time we did this. (A few weeks ago?)

I got the dishes washed while I waited for him to arrive home, since I can’t use the kitchen sink while the floor drain is unplugged.

Hopeful that we won’t get a lot of rain, tomorrow.

Be safe! Stay dry!



Coffee Break · Good Evening · Good Night · Nattering · Personal · Tea Time

Last cup of the evening

Fresh Snow

The Scampers are dozing across the room from me. They’ve spent a lot of the day running around the back yard, enjoying the new layer of snow. I think that’s to be finished by eleven o’clock or so, with no more until Friday. Sunday, it’s back to sinking temperatures, snow, and blowing snow until Tuesday night. My order of thermal pajamas and longer casual pants arrived, yesterday, from the folks who make 100% cotton (hypoallergenic) under- and outerwear.

My tea order from Stash arrived earlier, and I am enjoying the fresh batch of English Breakfast tea before bedtime.

I’ve poured my last cup of tea for the evening. Al is listening to the local news broadcast in the other room, now that we’ve enjoyed our half hour (to an hour) of “puppy time”, talking while the Scampers play fetch and nap on our laps. They’ve had bedtime treats (dried beef liver) and gone to sleep, now.

It was nice to be able to exercise in the gazebo, today. Warm enough with the space heater, nearly 40 degrees. Yes, the only place other than the bathroom cabinet over the sink where we have a mirror is propped up next to the back door, waiting to go out during Spring Cleanup week.

Best wishes for your tomorrows!