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Thanksgiving Day Morning

waking up on Thanksgiving Day morning, poem of thanks
A poem

overcast skies
winter wind, a light breeze…
after-breakfast nap

warm thanks for fuzzy blankets
puppies sleeping on my feet

Copyright © 28 Nov. 2019, by Lizl Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.


Coffee Break · Nattering · Personal

9AM Coffee

cocker spaniel asleep on my legs
Asleep, Again


The week, from the perspective of Tuesday morning, looks to be challenging. Snow in the forecast and a winter storm at Thanksgiving Day and my birthday on Friday. I would be quite happy at this point to tuck in and avoid getting out totally. “Sunny” does not appear in the NWS forecast before Monday for our county with any confidence.

I have added another favorite poem from my archives to my (repurposed blog. I continue to come across poems that I want to set aside for easy retrieval, and continue losing them before I can add the copy to the new spot. More evidence that I have needed this Notes to Myself blog for a very long time.

Bright spot: I wrote a poem for this week’s #RonovanWrites Haiku challenge and posted it to the usual spot (and also shared the link on Twitter). I despaired at the prompt words, in particular, “mess”, which is not an abstract concept, but rather, an understated description of my bedroom-sitting room (former office). I resorted to climate change and a substitution of chaos for “mess”.

No help for it. I must get up and find another cup of coffee. My dog has again fallen asleep on my outstretched legs, which are also now asleep. It is now long past time to finalize this break post and move around. Maybe take the contents of the laundry hamper to the basement and get the washing done, just in case we lose the electric to an early winter “Snow Event”.


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Last cup of the evening

Fresh Snow

The Scampers are dozing across the room from me. They’ve spent a lot of the day running around the back yard, enjoying the new layer of snow. I think that’s to be finished by eleven o’clock or so, with no more until Friday. Sunday, it’s back to sinking temperatures, snow, and blowing snow until Tuesday night. My order of thermal pajamas and longer casual pants arrived, yesterday, from the folks who make 100% cotton (hypoallergenic) under- and outerwear.

My tea order from Stash arrived earlier, and I am enjoying the fresh batch of English Breakfast tea before bedtime.

I’ve poured my last cup of tea for the evening. Al is listening to the local news broadcast in the other room, now that we’ve enjoyed our half hour (to an hour) of “puppy time”, talking while the Scampers play fetch and nap on our laps. They’ve had bedtime treats (dried beef liver) and gone to sleep, now.

It was nice to be able to exercise in the gazebo, today. Warm enough with the space heater, nearly 40 degrees. Yes, the only place other than the bathroom cabinet over the sink where we have a mirror is propped up next to the back door, waiting to go out during Spring Cleanup week.

Best wishes for your tomorrows!


Coffee Break

Summer Weather

This morning, there were flowers! Not lots, but in spite of the wind, there were enough still intact at 9 o’clock that I captured a few usable flower photographs.

Also took pictures of clouds to the northwest of us, which part of the sky was previously obscured by the tree that was taken down, last week. The forecast high for yesterday was at first 90°F, but ended up at 88°. Yesterday’s forecast high for today was 94°, which was lowered by 4 degrees. I am hopeful. And I would welcome a warm rain just at sunset. As it is, the day where we are is sunny. Later on, there will be shadows from the cotoneasters to allow for sitting outside of the gazebo.

looking NW, trees, sky and clouds

Last night I backed up the photography archives twice, two separate external HDs. The next time that I have some money collected, I plan to get a couple of dedicated off-site storage drives and trade them off to the safe deposit box every week. Probably on Wednesdays, when we usually stop at the butcher’s shop.

I am devoting some time to visiting blogs that I have not gotten to over the past month or so. And also, I hope to write a poem or two before the clock moves into another day.


Thursday’s Breakfast

fruits, yogurt and orange juice

A light breakfast. Al is still coughing in spite of the cough medicine. Fed him melon slices, this morning. I was awake from 2:00 until 4:00, and again at 6:30. Naps ‘r’ us.

The temperature at noon is 38°F with wind gusts in the +30 mph range. Hoping for no rain, this week, with forecasts in the 30s and 40s for daytime highs. Going to lose a lot of the snow before spring arrives. May sit in the gazebo for a while, this week.

Good Morning

Finally, our storm

The snow arrived at last, after the winds started to die down. I am not sure why, but I did not fall sleep, last night, until after five o’clock. I sent four aspirin after the warm milk. The winds beat the cables and ropes against the antenna tower. Surprisingly loud. The bad weather will, theoretically, cease at Noon.

Cottage cheese and melon slices, I think, with half a cup of squash soup to start.

dog eating snow, gazebo and garden in background
Sam in the Snow

Best wishes for your day!