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The coming of summer’s end

Today, my husband hopes to finish scraping and sanding the final (south) wall of the house, so that he can get the first coat of paint on it, tomorrow. While we do still have wildflowers growing in that garden with additional plants beginning to flower, a lot of them are right up against the siding, and so must go so that the wind doesn’t try to repaint the boards.

Even though there are paint chips littering the ground, I did take some photos this morning, when I went out with the Scampers. Cloudy skies. Not the best for photographing this flowerbed.



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Wednesday Morning Tea

This morning the area crows held their party in our neighborhood’s tall trees. The Scampers were unnerved at first, but the crows eventually settled in and down to occasional caws and one-upping to score the highest branch to roost on.

There were a few more flax flowers in the wildflower garden, so we took photographs, and I brewed a cup of Oolong tea.

Off to do the week’s grocery shopping. The tea was good!

Best wishes for your day!

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This evening I have gone through several large cups of cold-brewed Toddy coffee. I’ve switched now to watered cranberry juice. We picked up some stuff at the butcher’s shop, yesterday; I cooked beef arm roast in the Crock Pot with two cans of diced tomatoes and pork tenderloin with olive oil in the oven. Lovely sandwiches! I also have a yellow onion and a couple of pounds of beef liver in the freezer.

Blue Wild Flax Flower
Flax Flower

Al has gotten a permit for his hobby building in the back yard, and so the concrete slab is being installed on Thursday/Friday. Tonight I gathered what seeds were ready to drop from the wild flax plants and stored them in an envelope. The thought is that while I will be losing my garden plot in front of the gazebo, Al will be turning up a 4’x10′ plot of land for me further to the south and west of the back yard, and I can plant the flax seeds for spring. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had more trouble weeding in the square plot of 8’x8′. At 4 feet across, I should be able to reach to the middle of the garden from either side along the length of it.

I do not know if I will have time in the morning to take anymore photographs from the current wildflower garden before the plot is trampled. Al has conduit and a hollow metal post in the middle of my garden (satellite base from when we were loading weather satellite feed to a computer in our living room, many years ago). The folks who are supplying the concrete are also to remove the post for us. I can remember our spray painting the post a bright orange in the hope that I would not, by accident, walk into it.

We had no outside engagements, today, except for banking and bill paying. I was surprised to find that I still had two-thirds off my spending money left over from last month. I stopped at Barnes & Noble to pick up a gift card for ebook purchases through October.

The Scampers posed for pictures, today, and I had lots of opportunities to cuddle and play with them. The next few days, I will have even more, as I will have to keep them inside while the fence is down and the workmen and heavy equipment are going about their tasks. I also will have limited access to my exercise bike until the concrete work is finished.

The Scampers have spotted the resident younger rabbit in the yard numerous times, now. The addition of the extra fence (to keep Scampers out of the construction zone) has cut said rabbit off from the gate under which he usually escapes. Rabbit escapes more often beneath the gazebo, these days, than through the fence into a dog-free yard. Scampers ring the doorbell to get out much more often than need be, between futile rabbit chasing and trapping and eating crickets and grasshoppers. I wonder if we could attach little balloons to their harnesses and train them to catch mosquitoes. Nah! Not!

Resident Rabbit
Resident Rabbit

I am going to bed early, tonight. Best wishes for your night and the return of the sun.