Snapshots of Home

I had my camera with me, Wednesday morning, when we went with the family to the Veterans Day observance, and took a few shots while we were at the house to pick up a few items. The parents have been thinning out the keepsakes and such. I wanted to get some photographs while the major living areas are still intact and the way I remember them from childhood.

Mother taught herself both tailoring (she made our clothes) and upholstery (I helped with fabric buying for early reupholstery projects during my 20s and 30s). She didn’t switch to white for the sofa until after all but two of the cats had died off. They were a Siamese-Burmese mix whose fur blended for the moment with the furniture.

I can remember, before the living room furniture was in place, when we ran out of heating oil during a particularly foul cold snap, and we gathered our blankets together in the living room, and slept in a semicircle around the fireplace where the wood fire kept all of us warm through the night and until the truck could get through to fill up the tank again.